June 4, 2024

What to expect from a Good Mood Cafe

Our Good Mood Cafes provide an opportunity to meet new people to share interests, skills and wellbeing tips in an informal space to help boost your mood. The team who run the Good Mood Cafes share their insights on what to expect.

It’s OK not to be OK, so you don’t have to be in a good mood to come along to a Good Mood Cafe – but we hope everyone will leave feeling better than when they arrived.

If it’s your first time attending, you might have some questions. The team who run the Good Mood Cafes have shared their responses to some of the questions you might have. We look forward to welcoming you to a Good Mood Cafe soon!

Q: What are the Good Mood Cafe venues like?


Good Life team: Many of our Good Mood Cafes are situated in community cafes. We often have an area of a cafe that is reserved for the Good Mood Cafe, however in some of our venues this isn’t quite so straight forward. Some of our venues may be at a community centre, or in a separate room within a cafe due to availability of space within the cafe area. As a result of this, different cafes can look a little bit different. However, the same core values and standards underpin every Good Mood Cafe.


Q: Is everyone welcome to attend and do you know roughly how many people I will chat to?


Good Life team: Our cafes can range in attendance from three to four people each week to 20 plus in others, it really does vary! Our cafes are open to everyone over the age of 18, so we really do see a range of ages and different types of people across all our cafes.


Q: Is there a format for the sessions? Or is it more a general chat with people? 


Good Life team: Our cafes are very much led by those in attendance, there is no formal format. Our facilitator will greet newcomers and support conversations. We have range of conversation starters that we can use to help facilitate conversations.


Q: Can I bring something like my reading book to talk about with people? 


Good Life team: We do not have themes in our Good Mood Cafes. We encourage people to talk about films, television programmes, music, or books they have enjoyed, as they can boost our wellbeing, and you may get some recommendations on others to try.


Q: I’ve attended group therapy before, are the Good Mood Cafes like that or different?


Good Life Team: The sessions are informal spaces to discuss interests, hobbies and share wellbeing tips but it is not a therapy session. It is ok to not be ok; however, facilitators may need to move conversations on if the session is being utilised more as group therapy.


Q: Will I be expected to share my story with the group or can I just listen?


Good Life team: There is no expectation on you to bring anything to the group, whether you wish to get ‘stuck in’ or you like to sit back and listen to others, there is no right way to enjoy our cafes.


Q: How much money do I need to bring? Is the coffee and food discounted at all?


Good Life team: Many of our cafes do offer discounted drinks or the price for a drink is already low priced. These costs do vary across the cafes and is venue specific.

Q: Is it ok if my mum or friend comes with me for my first session?


Good Life team: Absolutely. If you would like that additional support then please feel free to bring any friends or family, they are also welcome to keep coming if they enjoy it too!


Q: Is it possible to have a phone call with the facilitator before I attend a Good Mood Cafe?


Good Life team: There is always a member of the Good Life Team who would be able to have a telephone conversation with you to discuss the cafes and what to expect. Often, we will try to connect you to the facilitator of the cafe you are wishing to attend.


Q. Can I attend any Good Mood Cafe, or does it need to be the one in my area?


Good Life team: You can attend any Good Mood Cafes you like, any time, any place. You can even go to several a week if you so wish.


Q. Will there be any 1-1 time with the Good Mood Cafe facilitator if I’m having a bad day?


Good Life team: While our facilitators are there to support you, their role is to support the all the attendees and therefore cannot guarantee to be able to support you in a 1:1 capacity. They can offer you signposting advice so that you can find suitable support.


Still have a question? Get in touch with the team at: goodlife@cpslmind.org.uk

Drop in to our weekly Good Mood Cafes in local cafes, outdoors or online via Zoom to connect with like-minded people in your community. Visit the CPSL website to find out more.


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