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Whether or not you have a diagnosed mental health problem, our Good Life Service has something for you to help support positive wellbeing.

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How we help

By focusing on individual strengths and skills, we encourage peer support and community connectivity to take an accessible, fresh approach to community based wellbeing support.

The service is available to adults aged over 18 years old in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and was developed alongside individuals with lived experience of mental health problems.

Whether you’re looking to chat with others in your community, learn new wellbeing techniques or seeking online wellbeing support, you can explore the service below via our Wellbeing Wheel or our list of services:

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Our fresh approach to community based wellbeing support for adults is focused on individual strengths and skills, encouraging peer support and community connectivity.

Use our Wellbeing Wheel to find support and information that’s right for you.

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Good Mood Cafes

Join our weekly Good Mood Cafes in local cafes, outdoors or online via Zoom, to connect with like-minded people in your community.

It’s OK not to be OK, so you don’t have to be in a good mood to come along to a Good Mood Cafe – but we hope everyone will leave feeling better than when they arrived.

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Calm Spaces

Everyone feels overwhelmed at times. Our calm spaces provide somewhere to go if you need a bit of space and tranquillity.

These weekly sessions, online or in local community spaces, offer guidance on self-help techniques which can help you to ‘ground yourself’ and feel better – both in that moment and in the future.

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Peer Support Groups

The opportunity to share lived experience of mental health with others who have faced similar experiences can have huge benefits.

Our range of Peer Support Groups help you connect with others, who have experiences of low wellbeing, anger management and hearing voices, to form supportive bonds with people who understand first-hand what you’re feeling.

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University Students

We are working in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) to deliver wellbeing support to students.

We understand that our mental health fluctuates, and that being a student can bring about unique challenges that can affect mental health.

Our weekly and monthly wellbeing sessions are informal events which aim to: connect students to other like-minded students, offer wellbeing support, teach tips and techniques to improve overall wellbeing, sign post to further support.

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Good Life Fund

The Good Life Fund offers grants of up to £1500 to people in our local community to help set up groups that connect people, such as book clubs, craft classes, or activities that encourage people to learn new skills.

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Specialist Community Mental Health Support

We provide specialist community mental health support for individuals who qualify for a social care-funded support package. Access to this aspect of the service is via professional referral only.

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Qwell – Online Support

Adults in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough can sign up to Qwell – a free online support and wellbeing community.

Once anonymously registered, you’ll gain access to online peer support, self-help resources, an online magazine and chat-based counselling.

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For support with accessing any information about our Good Life Service please call us on 0300 303 4363 or email

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