Rhiann’s 28-day Challenge for Mental Health!

Rhiann Ward completed more than 5km a day for 28 days between 17th April and 14th May 2021, reaching a total of 140km in order to raise money to support us. The challenge, which was a combination of running and walking, has raised over £1,000 so far.  

Rhiann chose to raise money for us, explaining, “Mental health is always important but more so at the moment with Covid-19 sticking around for well over a year now, so many people will be experiencing mental health problems whether it’s anxiety of coming out of lockdown, loneliness, bereavement through losing those we love amongst other things. I have felt and also observed the effects of mental health both prior to and during Covid.”

Rhiann continued: “I know how much of an impact mental health can have on day to day life and I learnt the hard way that bottling up how you feel in your mind doesn’t help anything. The best thing you can do when you’re struggling is to talk about it. I believe the key to good mental health is having an amazing support network – through family and friends but also the services offered by charities. This past year has been especially tough and the more we can support charities such as CPSL Mind – the more they can support us and those around us when we really need it.”

Catherine Keating, Community Fundraiser for CPSL Mind, said, “The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting people’s mental wellbeing in many different ways and, in response to increased levels of anxiety, isolation and loneliness, we have adapted our existing services – and developed new ones. With demand for our services remaining high we are extremely grateful to Rhiann for highlighting the importance of exercise and mental health. Rhiann decided to do a physical challenge as she mentioned that exercise is such a good way to better her mental and also physical wellbeing and, as one of the five ways to wellbeing is being active, I completely agree with her.”

If you would like to support Rhiann in her endeavour, please click on the JustGiving Link:


If you would like more information on how you could fundraise for us, then please visit: https://www.cpslmind.org.uk/join-us/fundraise-for-us/ where you can find fundraising ideas that are fun and Covid-19 safe or contact Community Fundraiser Catherine Keating on: Catherine.keating@cpslmind.org.uk