July 27, 2019

Man up a Pole raises money for CPSL Mind

Local mental health charity CPSL Mind was thrilled when the Pole Shed in Ely raised £570 from a charity men’s pole fitness event earlier this month.

Local mental health charity CPSL Mind was thrilled when the Pole Shed in Ely raised £570 from a charity men’s pole fitness event earlier this month.

Emma Wallman, teacher at the Pole Shed said, “The pole and aerial community is one of the most inclusive and supportive communities I have ever been lucky enough to be part of. It doesn’t matter whether you are old, young, big, small, flexible or not. Like mental health, there is often misconceptions about what our classes are like. I wanted to give people who wouldn’t ordinarily come to a class the chance to see what we were all about. Men were the obvious group and with the focus of the event being men’s mental health (after all there are misconceptions about that too), a local mental health charity seemed the obvious choice for where the money should go. I am so proud of men who came and they’ve done so well to raise so much money for CPSL Mind – we are over the moon.”

Craig, one of the participants said, “My wife Sarah asked me if I would like to be involved and I’m a sucker for raising money for charity and having a good laugh. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I have a father in law and son who both suffer with mental health and I too have suffered. There is still much stigma attached to mental health as (but he looks fine) is always a common phrase. With men and boys, we feel that it can be a weakness and that having a mental health problem can somehow make us less of a man. So not true. When suffering with ill mental health every single daily task can be extremely difficult.

Why pole? It kind of makes sense really. It’s not something men would really do, a bit like seeking help for mental health. It was a great laugh and I also have an appreciation of how difficult it really is. Anyone who thinks it’s easy is very much mistaken as I still hurt, pretty much all over and it was two days ago. Emma and the team were great, really encouraging and totally did not judge. It was great fun and I’d do it again.”

Zoe Doherty, Fundraiser for CPSL Mind said, “What a great way to raise money and raise awareness of mental health, particularly for men, who we know are less likely to seek mental health support than women. A huge thank you to all the men who took part on the day and for Emma for organising such a great event.”

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