October 10, 2023

What is World Mental Health Day?

Awareness is just the start. It’s time to act. In this guide, we’ll explore what is World Mental Health Day and what can we all can do to raise awareness about mental health.

Every year on 10th October World Mental Health Day is celebrated globally to raise awareness, educate, and prioritise mental health. But if we break it down, what is World Mental Health Day? Well, it was first celebrated in 1992 at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental health organization (wmhdofficial.com). Here at CPSL Mind, we believe that everyday should be World Mental Health Day. Along with national Mind, we’re amplifying the important message that ‘Awareness is just the start. It’s time time to act’.

What is CPSL Mind doing for World Mental Health Day?

We believe in promoting positive mental health and today is no exception. World Mental Health Day will bring people together as an opportunity to talk about mental health and reduce the stigma around it. As well as running our services such as The Sanctuary, The Good Life and Peer Support Groups, we’re also visiting local organisation and delivering expert training sessions around mental health and wellbeing.

You’ll also find inspirational messages on our social channels talking about experiences with CPSL Mind such as one of our fundraisers taking on the challenge of trekking 100km through the hottest desert in the world in five days.

Before you head on over to our socials, we’ve pulled together some useful information on how you can look after your mental health and how you can get involved with volunteering for us, fundraising or even sharing helpful resources.

We also spoke to Chloe Humphrey, our Deputy Head of Services, for insights and tips on how you can look after your mental health. When asked about what is good mental health for her she says, “For me, good mental health is feeling content and at peace. It’s the ability to go about my day, feeling positive and grateful as well as being more resilient to cope with the stresses of day-to-day life. I feel more connected to myself and those around me and am more productive with my day when my mental health is good.”

She further explains how she starts her day, “Once the children are off to school and nursery, I sit with limited distractions and have a coffee and my breakfast. Having some alone time and a short period of silence at the start of the day really helps me ground after a usually chaotic morning getting the children ready and helps reset me for the day ahead.”

Additionally she also spoke about the steps she takes daily to keep her mental health in check, “This is a more recent introduction to my life, but I have started a gratitude diary. Every morning I take five minutes to note what I am grateful for upon waking and then do the same before I go to bed upon reflection of my day. Alongside this, keeping notes about things I have achieved, people I love, moments that have made me laugh, places I plan to go. I think having daily time for this really helps my wellbeing and also encourages me to look after myself in other ways like getting out and moving more.”

How can you look after your mental health?

We believe that every day is for mental health. It is as important as your physical health. To look after your overall wellbeing and to promote positive mental health you can have a look at our 10 tips to promote positive mental health. If you or your loved one is struggling to cope you can also refer to What to do when you’re not coping?

Also, keep an eye on our social media platforms for everyday tips.

How can you get involved?

Whether it’s volunteering for one of our Mindful Mums groups, pledging to become a Campaign Maker or simply telling your loved ones about CPSL Mind services, there are lots of ways that you can get involved in by promoting positive mental health in your community. If you want to support someone who is going through mental health challenges, find out how you can get involved today.

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