August 14, 2023

STOP Suicide training for 200 individuals thanks to Shifties

CPSL Mind has teamed up with local organisation Shifties for STOP Suicide training in ST Neots. Over two days, we will educate 200 individuals about suicide prevention.

At CPSL Mind, it’s our mission to promote positive mental health in the local community and provide support to local people who may experience mental health challenges. As part of this, we’re working in partnership with local organisation Shifties following the success of their Speak Up Liveathon Event, where they raised funds and spread awareness about mental health. With the funds raised during the 2023 Liveathon, we’re delivering STOP Suicide training to 200 individuals in St Neots.

In these suicide prevention sessions, we will be introducing individuals to our STOP Suicide campaign and giving an overview of how to identify a person at risk of suicide and equip anyone attention the training to support that individual to stay safe.


STOP Suicide training

Where to sign up for STOP Suicide training?

You can sign up for STOP Suicide training below. We’re holding three in-person talks that you can attend at St Neots Football Club on Wednesday 13th of September. You can also book a three-hour STOP Suicide workshop on Thursday 14th September.


Wednesday 13th September | 10am – 11am | St Neots Football Club


Wednesday 13th September | 12pm – 1pm | St Neots Football Club


Wednesday 13th September | 5.30pm – 6.30pm | St Neots Football Club


Thursday 14th September | 9.30pm – 12.30pm | St Neots Football Club


Sign up for training now by visiting our Eventbrite page here:


What is STOP Suicide?

STOP Suicide is a suicide prevention campaign that is led by us here at CPSL Mind and supported by local NHS and Public Health teams. Our aim is to empower communities and individuals across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to help stop suicides by being alert to the warning signs, asking directly about suicide and helping those who are feeling suicidal to stay safe.

If you would like to sign the STOP Suicide Pledge, get involved with campaigning or find out more, visit our website here: 


Who are Shifties?

Shifties is a free community for growing small business owners, or those interested in starting a new venture based in St Neots. The organisation has been working closely with us and raised funds and spreading awareness during the impactful 24-hour Speak Up Liveathon.

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