The Suicide Prevention Capacity Builder Project will use CPSL Mind’s existing STOP Suicide campaign, workshops and resources and adapt and bespoke them for three high-risk groups: LGBTQ+, Neurodiverse and migrated communities.  

STOP Suicide offers fully funded training to support charities, community groups and family court staff.

Elevate wellbeing in your workplace through our new joint fundraising and mental health training offer.

One in five people in the UK will experience suicidal thoughts in their lifetime. We’re offering free-to-attend online STOP Suicide Workshops to equip you with the knowledge to spot warning signs, ask directly about suicide, support someone to stay safe and look after your own wellbeing.

CPSL Mind has teamed up with local organisation Shifties for STOP Suicide training in ST Neots. Over two days, we will educate 200 individuals about suicide prevention.

Over half of the population experience the menopause but more than 40% of women were unaware of the menopause’s potentially life-altering effects on their mental health. 

Join our free, one-hour STOP Suicide Talks to gain knowledge which could help you keep somebody experiencing suicidal thoughts safe.

New training course is dedicated to empowering employers to improve staff’s mental health in a hybrid working environment 

At CPSL Mind, we’re working to build a future with mentally healthy, inclusive communities and workplaces. We want to empower everyone to have the knowledge and skills to support those around them and maintain their own wellbeing.

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week this year is loneliness. To support workplaces with hybrid working in which staff can feel disconnected or lonely, CPSL Mind Training Service are offering one-hour long taster sessions designed for managers to help them better support their team with hybrid working and to be proactive around wellbeing.