AlphaFit complete 12 hours of fitness for CPSL Mind

CPSL Mind was seriously impressed when Max York, founder of the elite personal training company AlphaFit, decided to set himself the challenge of completing a work out on the hour, every hour for twelve hours. The event took place on 1st December at Max’s Landbeach gym. Along with 2 other coaches, his Histon Football club team mates, training clients, friends and family, not only did Max complete the challenge but he also successfully raised a staggering £3,115 for the local mental health charity.

Max organised this amazing fundraiser in partnership with Finn Morrison and Hannah Cox (both AlphaFit coaches). They chose CPSL Mind to fundraise for as mental health is very close to their hearts. Having all struggled with their mental health for different reasons, they found their shared love of fitness significantly helped with their feelings of anxiety, stress and depression.

Max said, “We chose CPSL Mind as we have all been affected by mental health in different ways. Through completing this fundraising initiative we have all been able to share our personal mental health stories on social media. As well as raising money, we hope we have encouraged more people to talk about their mental health, to share their worries and feelings more and to seek professional help if they need it. CPSL Mind do a fantastic job of supporting local people who are struggling and we hope this funding will help make a difference. A huge thank you to all my family and friends who pitched in so brilliantly, especially Finn and Hannah who have simply been incredible.”

Zoe Doherty, Fundraiser for CPSL Mind said, “We were just blown away with the amount of effort and hard work Max, Hannah and Finn put into this event. Not only did they raise an amazing amount of money for our charity, but they also worked hard to highlight that we can all struggle with our mental health. We can all have difficult times in our lives, which is why it is so important to talk about how we are feeling and to seek professional support if we need to. We can all do things in our lives to improve wellbeing and we know that getting active can play a significant part in helping people to feel better. This funding will be used to support local people in their recovery from mental health challenges. A huge thank you to Max, Hannah and Finn for such a tremendously successful fundraising event.”