From the ‘Darkest Place’ to Making a Difference

Photo of KW

Our Good Life Service is built on our belief that everyone has strengths, talents and passions they can share to play their part in community life. However, we all have mental health, which fluctuates throughout our lives, and sometimes a good life can feel out of reach.

Katie’s story demonstrates the impact that seeking strengths-based wellbeing support can have in allowing individuals to flourish and achieve a more connected life.

“I accessed the perinatal services at CPSL Mind when my son was 6 months old as I was experiencing severe mental health issues which started during my pregnancy. I can honestly say that this was the darkest place that I had ever entered in my life and I really couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Initially I attended the Connecting Mums course in October 2017 and then received further support on the Mums Matter course which started in January 2018 – this is where my life really started to turn around for the better.

I attended every session, I was so focused on my recovery. Each week we would be set some home practice and, even though I found some parts challenging, this gave me the tools that I needed to start changing my mind-set. I often look back and reflect on the work that I have completed. I feel that I know myself at a much deeper level and I can certainly recognise my own personal growth.

Over the 8-week course, my confidence began to grow and I started to believe in myself again. Being around the other mums massively aided my recovery and helped me to realise that I wasn’t alone. I was able to be honest with myself for the first time.

As a result of the Mums Matter course I felt empowered and inspired to move forward with my life and I am now in a place where I am ready to give back and help other Mums who have had similar experiences.

After volunteering with the Perinatal Service leading the Mums Monthly Peer Support Group, I am now a Perinatal Project Worker at CPSL Mind. I love the fact that I am able to help other mums along their journey to recovery, this is my time now, my chance to give back and to help make a difference.”