Discharge Buddy Service Provides Valuable Connection

The period following discharge from hospital or community-based Crisis Team support can be a challenging time. Our Discharge Buddy Service is a new ‘pilot’ service, set up to provide additional support where required. Our ‘Discharge Buddies’ provide holistic, strengths-based support for individuals during the four weeks after their discharge from hospital or crisis services.

Our buddies are on hand to provide emotional support, along with resources and encouragement around developing self-help strategies and self-care tips. They also support individuals to re-connect with their local community and support networks. As part of the self-care element of the service, each individual is provided with a ‘Comfort Kit’ (pictured above) full of wellbeing-related resources.

“This has helped me feel more supported and confident in the community,” commented one patient, “I felt listened to. I think it should be available to everyone coming out of hospital.”

The service has also been incredibly rewarding for all staff involved. Alix Malone, Discharge Buddy Service Manager, says, “The service is providing patients with valuable connections during a very difficult time in their lives. We are enabling people to have the skills to look after their own wellbeing for the future.”