Adam’s baking bonanza raises £90 for CPSL Mind

On 2nd June 2020, Adam cooked up a storm for his neighbourhood with ‘Lemon and Poppy Drizzle Cake’ and ‘Hazelnut Buttercream Chocolate Cake’ on the menu. The cakes sold were all individually packaged adhering to COVID-19 regulations.

Adam wanted to raise money for CPSL Mind and promote awareness of mental health, particularly the debilitating effects of depression, anxiety and OCD. He also wanted to share his love of baking with others, saying that it has helped with his recovery and that following a passion can lift an individual’s mood.

Adam said, “As a person who has suffered with major depression for just over a year, I feel that it’s important that I contribute to this much needed cause. Baking is just one of the ways I have attempted to combat my illness and something I would love to share”.

Catherine Keating, Community Fundraiser for CPSL Mind said, “The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting people’s mental wellbeing in many different ways and, in response to increased levels of anxiety, isolation and loneliness, we have adapted our existing services – and developed new ones including the helpline – Lifeline Plus. We thank Adam for his support and applaud his kindness on the day. In particular, a selfless sign he displayed on the stall sticks in my mind. It said, ‘If you are feeling down and want to talk, give me a knock for a socially distanced chat’ – just how wonderful is that.”