Support for you in South Lincolnshire

If you live in Stamford, Bourne, Boston or surrounding areas, the South Lincolnshire Wellbeing and Recovery Programme is available to you and can support if you are experiencing poor mental health.

Whether you are experiencing or at risk of depression, anxiety, stress or any other mental health condition, we will support you.

We will work together to help you achieve your goals, whether that is to increase your self-esteem, meet new people or gain the confidence to get a job.

Please note that we are experiencing a high demand for our Wellbeing and Stepping Forward services at the moment and, regrettably, are unable to accept new referrals into these services right now.

We recognise how difficult this may be but there may be other organisations that can support you for now. Other local services that can provide support may be found at

Do please return to our site occasionally, as this is where we will give any updates.

Referrals into our Changing Lives Counselling and CBT services continue to be taken as usual.

The NHS First Response Service (FRS) for those in mental health crisis is available 24 hours a day and can be contacted by dialling 111, Option 2. For other emergency contacts, please visit our Need Help Now page.

To find out more information, please call 01733 362990 or email