Resilient Communities

The Resilient Together project focused on Wisbech and the Southern Fringe of Cambridge with the aim of improving wellbeing and resilience within these two communities. This was achieved by using an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach to:

  • Build social connection
  • Raise awareness about wellbeing and mental health
  • Empower residents to get involved in their community

Read about the impact of the project in our Resilient Together Evaluation.


What We Do

Resident-led events and activities

Support residents who are passionate about their community or have similar interests/motivations to come together to make a change or take on a new project to help their community.

Build connections

Identify residents’ skills, talents and what they care about in their community to connect them with others who share their interests and/or motivations. We’re also identifying and creating an online map of resources within the community to make them more accessible to residents.

Mental Health/Wellbeing Awareness Activities

Support community groups to develop activities around mental health and wellbeing to raise awareness and reduce stigma in their community.

Skills sharing

Support residents to share skills and knowledge with one another, ideally leading to ongoing skill sharing groups or activities.

resilient together

resilient together