CPSL Mind offers a fully funded counselling service which provides time-limited one to one counselling with a trained counsellor from various locations across Cambridgeshire.

Counselling can be helpful in clarifying the problems and challenges which all of us face at some time in our lives. It can help us to gain fresh perspectives and, in turn, make positive changes in our lives which can ultimately have a profound impact on our emotional wellbeing.

Your counsellor will:

  • Listen non-judgementally
  • Enable you to express your feelings
  • Help you to explore and understand your difficulties
  • Help you to find new ways of managing the challenges you face

Counselling is not about making judgements. It is a specific arrangement between the client and counsellor, and it is confidential in all but exceptional circumstances.

Click here to download our referral form. Please send your completed referral form to:

The Sanctuary