March club land balls in the Captains bunker to achieve £5,000 for charity!

March Golf Club Jan 2018
From left to right: Fiona Wood (Past Ladies Captain) Ivan Roberts (Past Club Captain), Lydia Molyneux (Ladies Captain), Shona Kent (Past Ladies Captain) and Zoe Doherty (CPSL Mind)

Local mental health charity CPSL Mind, was delighted this month to receive a £5,000 donation from the members of March Golf Club thanks to varied and sometimes novel fundraising.

The Golf Club especially chose CPSL Mind as their charity of the year for 2017 as they very sadly lost a close friend to suicide. The money was raised through a variety of events including; Captain Days, coffee mornings, fine dining evenings, an afternoon tea and a ‘fine jar’ for when balls landed in the Captain’s bunker.

Fiona Wood, Past Ladies Captain for March Golf Club said, “We very tragically lost a dear friend to suicide and we all appreciate that mental health is a very serious issue. We wanted to support CPSL Mind as they work directly with local people to provide them with the vital support they need to help them in their recovery.”

Zoe Doherty, the charity’s Fundraiser commented, “We are so grateful to all the members of March Golf Club for raising such a considerable amount of money. This much needed funding will go towards our direct local services, which help those who are struggling with mental health conditions, including feelings of depression and anxiety. It will also help to fund our campaign work, including our STOP Suicide campaign which seeks to empower individuals to help stop suicides by being alert to the warning signs, asking directly about suicide and helping those who are feeling suicidal to stay safe.”