Local tattoo shop raises over £1,600 for Mind in Cambs

Sunday 30 August 2015

Huge thanks to Grey Area Custom Tattoo in March for raising a whopping £1,630 for Mind in Cambridgeshire.


Pictured from left to right: Chris Alcala, Tattoo Artist; Stacey O’Hara, Shop Manager; Pedro Mendonca, Grey Area Owner and Tattoo Artist; Dominika Karpowicz, Mind in Cambs; Tommy Gray, Tattoo Artist and Holly Thompson, Tattoo Apprentice

The proceeds come from the shop’s charity event on 22 August 2015, which saw 81 people get inked with a semi colon tattoo — the icon of support for mental health.

The semi colon tattoo is a growing trend and symbolises continuing life, as it would in the grammatical sense of continuing a sentence.

Stacey O’Hara, Shop Manager, said: “We decided to go ahead with this charity event, firstly as there have been a number of suicides in our town, especially from those too young to lose. Secondly, we noticed a rise in people wanting to have the semi colon tattooed to represent themselves, or people they know who have suffered, or are suffering with mental health issues.”

Mind is a fantastic charity, locally and nationally, and we are so pleased that we have been able to make a large sum of money to help those who seek help from Mind. We are also overwhelmed and proud of our local community, for coming together to represent and support those in need.”

The March tattoo shop charged a reduced rate of £30 for each tattoo, with £20 going to Mind in Cambridgeshire.

Mind in Cambridgeshire’s Marketing and STOP Suicide Project Co-ordinator, Dominika Karpowicz, said: “We’re thrilled with Grey Area’s donation and the impressive amount they managed to raise, which just goes to show how many people mental health touches. This donation will ensure we continue to raise awareness of suicide prevention and help people within Cambridgeshire who are recovering from mental health issues.”

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