Local pub raises over £400 in aid of Mind in Cambs

Thursday 28 May 2015

Big thanks to the Queen’s Head pub in Newton, South Cambridgeshire, for raising a brilliant £410 for Mind in Cambridgeshire.


Traditional family pub owners, Caroline and Robert Short, recently held a fundraiser to celebrate St. George’s Day, in aid of Mind in Cambridgeshire.

The focus of the fundraiser was a community curry evening, which served 36 ticketed guests. The majority of the ticket sales went to Mind in Cambs, in addition to a donation from Caroline, Robert and another customer. Three regulars who enjoy cooking made a pot of curry each, along with rice and papadums, while the pub provided pickles, salads and naans. For dessert, Jack’s Gelato in Cambridge donated two tubs of sorbet (costing over £30 each!) as Jack is also a supporter of Mind in Cambs.

“You can see that our locals gave up all their time in making food and serving it up and we simply covered food costs. The evening was terrific fun and the food delicious, but it was made more special by the genuine pleasure it gave all of us to raise money for such a good cause!” said Caroline Short.

“The choice of Mind in Cambridgeshire was driven particularly by me as I feel very strongly about the subject of mental health. Our lives are becoming more stressful, this is proven on so many levels. We know that most of us will need mental health support at some time or another, and this is the reality for our families, communities and for our society. Sometimes support from family and friends or a local GP will be enough, but sometimes it just won’t. This is why the work of Mind in Cambridgeshire feels so essential to me. It therefore felt really good to look the issue in the face and publicly support your work through our fundraiser.”

Mind in Cambridgeshire’s Marketing Co-ordinator, Dominika Karpowicz, said: “We really appreciate that the Queen’s Head chose us as a charity and thank them again for all the hard work that went into organising the fundraiser. This donation will ensure we continue to help people within Cambridgeshire who are recovering from mental health issues.”

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