May 2015

Welcome to our second ebulletin. From now, you can expect shorter monthly updates from me, and then longer quarterly ebulletins – the next one due this June.

As always, we hope it’s useful in keeping you up to date, and we welcome any suggestions or contributions from you to keep it lively!

Best wishes,
Sarah Hughes, CEO

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Where have I been?

For the first two weeks of April I enjoyed time off at home welcoming my lovely baby tortoise Elvis – I know you are all bored to tears by now but I am so thrilled.

As always it has been an enormously busy few weeks.

Out and Aboutmind-may-2015-image-1

I have met with Manaan Kar Ray who is Consultant Psychiatrist for CPFT Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team and have agreed that we will be a local partner for their PROMISE project. This is about best practice in mental health with a particular emphasis on the use of restraint. This will be an exciting project and I look forward to sharing and including you in the coming months.

I and the other managers have also attended the CCG redesign workshops for the third sector. We are working with our partners, looking at ways to increase local capacity and review the needs of our service users. While there is some extra funding, this process is also about making sure what we already deliver is still relevant to changing and emerging needs. When this work continues, we should know what the local landscape will look like by the end of May.

I provided PD training for the BPD Family and Friends Support Group last month. This was a very moving experience and was important to acknowledge the wider impact that mental health challenges have on the family. I felt very privileged.

Green Hourmind-may-2015-image-2

The Green Hour is here (well at least for May) – I want to see if it makes a difference to how people feel about their own wellbeing and how it might add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the workplace. The rules are simple, find out how much time you get from your manager per week to spend on your wellbeing, max 1 hour for full time staff. There are no rules about how to use this time other than; you cannot leave your team or clients in the lurch, you cannot accrue these hours, you must not use them for work or training and finally you must be able to tell your manager how you’ve used them and how it improves your wellbeing. This will be reviewed in the staff survey that will come out in June. Enjoy getting your Green Mind active!

Infrastructure improvementsmind-may-2015-image-3

I have been working with Aly and Sally around our infrastructure and trying to look at what we could do to improve our general experiences such as IT – I know this has been quite challenging over the last few weeks. I have a meeting scheduled for the 14 May with our current providers. I am also commissioning an independent review.

Resilient TogetherMind April 15 EB Image 15

I am also pleased to announce that Resilient Together will begin from the 1 July – we will be looking at recruiting to these posts in June. I hope to be in a position to tell you more about this project in the next few weeks.

Dates for your diary…mind-may-2015-image-4

We held our first Keep in Touch Meeting on the 17 April. Although only a handful of staff could attend, I think we agreed that it was wonderful to just take time out and talk about whatever was on our minds. The next one is scheduled for 19 May, 2pm at The Limes – hope you can make it.

The Staff and Trustee Lunch went really well, we plan to host another one late summer.

Congratulations and Goodbyesmind-may-2015-image-5

We want to welcome Lynn Mars to MiC as the Crisis Concordat Delivery Manager. This is a one year post and will initially be focused on assessing Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s needs with regards to Street Triage. Lynn will be based in their control room observing how and what can be done to improve individuals’ experiences.

Congratulations to Alex Cox who has been accepted onto the CBT diploma course. This will of course be hard work but will benefit clients’ experiences. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

We also welcome Hannah Turner to the management team as the Interim Wellbeing Manager – already making a big difference.

mind-may-2015-image-6Keith Milns has been doing such a great job managing Support2Recovery that we are bursting to the seams! We now have to work at developing more capacity which is Sally’s priority going forward.

Congratulations to Changing Lives who have helped the CCG meet their IAPT target. Sue was set a huge challenge in January which meant she had to find capacity to see a 100 more clients than we are funded to. Well, the team delivered and their hard work has been recognised by the most senior leaders of the NHS. Impressive or what?

I also want to send out a huge virtual wave of support for Tam who is currently off on sick leave. I know you will all join me in wishing her the very best and that we will be waiting for her return. I do miss that IT help, now I’m more than useless!

We also said goodbye to Chrissy but I know she has bigger fish to fry, and although missed, we wish her very well.

Awards season!mind-may-2015-image-7

As you may know, we have won two awards in the last two weeks.

STOP Suicide won the ‘Prevention’ category at the national Mental Health Providers Forum Awards, alongside Depression Alliance. There were nine projects considered for this category, judged by Public Health England, so this is a fantastic achievement.

mind-may-2015-image-8Mind in Cambridgeshire has also been Highly Commended for the Charity of the Year Award in the St Neots Community & Business Awards 2015. We will soon need a trophy cabinet. Congratulations to us.

However we always need to temper this excitement with the fact that our projects are here because of people’s feelings of despair and hopelessness – compassion for individuals always comes first.



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