April 2015

I’m very pleased to welcome you to this first ebulletin. We hope it’s useful in keeping you up to date, and we welcome any suggestions or contributions from you to keep it lively! I’m also aware that the Board has been pretty quiet of late and undergone some significant changes, so we’re taking this opportunity to provide more information about what we are doing.  Having been appointed Acting Chair at the end of January, it’s been quite full on for me for the past few months, but it is an incredible privilege to be part of such a great organisation – I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months will hold!

Best wishes,
Deborah McGovern, Acting Chair

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News from the CEO desk

Hello all,

I have been continuing to work on the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) mental health redesign and have been meeting a few times a week with the CCG and CPFT. As a result of the design process, some of our plans for development and expansion have been delayed. It’s a crucial time and so I promise to both keep you informed and engaged about the outcomes when I have them.

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Goodbyes and Congratulations

I want to take this opportunity to say goodbye to Gemma Antcliffe, our Wellbeing Service Manager, who left on 2 April. Gemma has led the Wellbeing Team through some complex transformation and has created a service we can all be really proud of. The prospectus and the continuing group and individual work are astounding and I feel that going forward it makes sense to develop this as much as we can. From April, Hannah Turner will be seconded from her role as Senior Project Worker to cover the role of Manager for the next six months, while we go through the formal recruitment process. Our congratulations go to Hannah.

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We have successfully appointed the Crisis Concordat Manager, Lynn Mars, who comes with great credentials. Please make her feel very welcome. We have also finally managed to get our action plan uploaded onto the Crisis Concordat website; we are green!

I am also pleased to say that Dominika Karpowicz has accepted our offer of a six month part-time post, which started on 1 April, to support STOP Suicide and Mind in Cambs marketing. Dom has been working with us on a six month voluntary placement since October last year and has been an invaluable member of the team. We are still up in the air in relation to substantive funding, but have enough reserves from this work to carry on so that we do not lose momentum. We have been very lucky to have been awarded funding for training and some funding to continue our work in Peterborough.

We will also be recruiting a very part time Training Co-ordinator going forward to enable Aly Anderson, Director of Development, to continue to develop everything else that is coming up, including the Blue Light Service and Resilient Together (more info below).

Other news

I have also been lucky enough to test Mind’s new business tool enabling Local Mind Associations (LMAs) to develop their formal partnership with them. We will in future be considered as not only affiliates to Mind, but Business partners too – it’s very exciting.

Finally, we’ve looked at the very first toolkit that focuses on marketing that I asked Mind to commission. The outcome is extraordinary and once completed will revolutionise some aspects of our work and thinking about how to engage our service users and other clients on another level. More to follow.

Service Updates

Cambridgeshire Wellbeing Service

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Over the last month, the Wellbeing Service has been busy rolling out the first round of Wellbeing Workshops. Chloe has delivered “Worry less, live more”, Bev delivered “Reconnecting with me”, Hannah delivered “Leaving anger and frustration behind” and Jade is nearly at the end of “Getting along with others”. After attending “Reconnecting with me” an attendee said they would recommend the course in a flash stating “This course helps you learns about yourself and others, excellent 10/10”. In addition nine people attending the OCN Level 1 in Peer mentoring and empowerment finished on 30 March. All attendees have worked incredibly hard and will explore the possibilities of volunteering within Mind in Cambridgeshire and other organisations.  Look out for the new round of dates which will be shared very shortly.

Changing Lives Primary Care Service

The service has been looking at expanding the IAPT service into Cambridge for quite some time and we have just recruited a new member of staff for a joint role between Fenland & Cambridge. We are hoping Emilia we be starting with us very soon and look forward to welcoming her.


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The Support2Recovery service has taken on five new workers in the past few months and is still looking to recruit more workers because of demand. The service has also taken on more new care packages and seen an increase in hours for some existing ones.

We also say goodbye and thank you to Justin Zeltser, who is taking early retirement after a long career as an experienced sessional worker with Mind in Cambridgeshire. Justin would like to stay in touch with the organisation and has agreed to do occasional bank work.

Finally, Natalie Woodend, Administrator for the service, has some exciting news – she will become a mum later on this year! We wish her well in this new chapter.

The SUN Network

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The SUN Network is currently linking with service users of adult mental health services in how the redesign of mental health services will impact on the service they receive. From April, the SUN Network is commissioned to cover Peterborough which is great news, as previously we had only been linking in with service users across Cambridgeshire. This work is being driven by Cambs & Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group. We also continue to provide service user engagement for adults who use drug and alcohol services in Cambridgeshire and for carers who use services in Peterborough. This work is commissioned by Carers Trust Peterborough. Needless to say we are very busy!

For more information, please contact Jenny Swain, Engagement Manager.

Training and development

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March was another busy month of training, for a wide range of clients including the East of England Ambulance Service, Public Health England, Cambridge City Council and national Mind. We are now actively recruiting Associate Trainers to deliver some of this work which will free Aly up for marketing activity and the development of other projects.

For any queries, please email Aly Anderson, Director of Development.

STOP Suicide

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The STOP Suicide project continues to grow and develop and we are delighted to report that it has been shortlisted for one of this year’s MHPF Mental Health Voluntary Sector Awards, under the category ‘prevention’.

The project has also recently received significant publicity, including a four-page case-study spread in the Commissioning Journal. We have now agreed with Mid-Essex CCG that they will be taking a licence on the STOP Suicide model for their area and we hope others will follow suit.

Dominika organised a very successful“Campaign Makers” event on 24 March, attended by five local students who are keen to promote the campaign within their communities. The role of a Campaign Maker is to spread information and resources about STOP Suicide across local communities. If you’d like to become a Campaign Maker or find out more, please get in touch.

We have also just completed another Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) course in Wisbech.

Blue Light Programme

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We have been selected as one of the partner LMAs for the Mind Blue Light Programme, which is a major piece of work designed to help improve the mental wellbeing of emergency services personnel. We co-ordinated  a second focus group for representatives from the police, ambulance and search & rescue services in Cambridge on 1 April and will start delivering the new resilience programme in May.

Resilient Communities

Our Resilient Communities project is due to start in Wisbech and Love’s Farm, St Neots, later this year and preparation work has already begun. Aly attended an inspiring conference about asset-based community development in Wisbech last month. The main speaker – Cormac Miller – gave a fascinating presentation around the importance of building community projects by focusing on existing strengths within communities/individuals, rather than what’s lacking. Some great learning for our projects. See Cormac Miller speak on this subject below:

New Faces

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New Volunteer Co-ordinator Hannah Moore tells us a bit more about her background, why she has an interest in mental health and her future hopes for the role.

You can also find out about current volunteering opportunities within Mind in Cambridgeshire.


A Day in the Life

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First up is Emily McMullen, Project Worker within the Wellbeing Service.

Emily gives us an insightful account of her typical day, the most enjoyable and challenging aspects of her role and how she looks after her own wellbeing.
Find out more…

What does your typical day look like? If you’d like to feature in the next ebulletin, please email us.

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Introducing Trustees

Wish you knew more about our Board of Trustees? Well now you will.

In the spotlight is Acting Chair, Deborah McGovern.

Discover more about Deborah’s background and what brought her to Mind in Cambridgeshire.


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The Bigger Mental Health Picture

Important links, news and surveys in the wider world of mental health