Complete the PROMISE ‘No’ Audit survey

promise logoPROMISE (PROactive Management of Integrated Services and Environments) began at the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) with the aim of reducing the use of restraint. The project, which is co-led by a psychiatrist and an Expert by Experience, has expanded considerably since its inception in 2013 but their vision to eliminate the use of force in mental health services remains the same.

PROMISE realise that on inpatient wards staff frequently say ‘No’ to service users and this can cause unnecessary distress and lead to a situation escalating. This in turn may result in the use of force, which is why they are keen to understand the most common reasons that staff say ‘No’ to requests. If you have ever spent time on an acute ward, PROMISE would be very grateful if you could complete this 5 minute survey so that they know which requests are most commonly denied: