Cambridge Cognition 3 Peaks Challenge

Monday 27 June 2016.

On Saturday 18th June, 12 of us from Cambridge Cognition embarked upon a journey to Fort William in preparation for the Three Peaks Challenge.

The aim of which is to climb the 3 highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales within 24 hours including driving time.

We were due to start at 4pm on Sunday afternoon, but a forecast of bad weather for Ben Nevis encouraged us to set off earlier. As we set off in the drizzle at 3pm, the conditions on Ben Nevis worsened as we climbed. It was tough, with gail force winds, hail, sleet, snow and fog which left us unable to see 10 metres ahead. The team did an amazing job sticking together and completing the ascent and descent in tremendous timing of just 6 ½ hours, despite the weather!

Next up was a drive to the Lake District to reach ‘Wasdale Head’ to climb Scafell Pike, arriving at 3am we set off as the sun was just beginning to rise. Once again the inclement weather meant the original route was not passable, and so we set off on the longer route, taking the team 2 to 3 miles further than planned, after 4 hours walking the final river was impassable, meaning the summit was unfortunately not accessible, but a quick photo at our highest point had to be completed before heading back.

Finally in Wales the weather improved as the clear skies prevailed and we set off up Snowdon just after 1pm. Despite there being fog at the summit, we clambered up the Pyg Track, scrambling up numerous rocky tracks. As we stopped to take a final team photo at the summit, the clouds lifted and the most beautiful views opened up across Snowdonia.

The final feat was to climb back down Snowdon, which followed the multitude of rocks and tracks back down. The team finished the challenge in 28 hours and 20 minutes, a huge achievement considering the difficult conditions. Everyone completed the challenge in high spirits and as a much stronger team.

The greatest feat of all that we have so far raised over £5,000 for Mind in Cambridgeshire to help them to continue support better mental health. We send our hugest of thanks to the generous donors and sponsors especially Armor, Dialogue, RJDM and TWI.



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