Support for you in South Lincolnshire

If you live in Stamford, Bourne, Boston or surrounding areas, the South Lincolnshire Wellbeing and Recovery Programme is available to you and can support if you are experiencing poor mental health.

Whether you are experiencing or at risk of depression, anxiety, stress or any other mental health condition, we will support you.

We will work together to help you achieve your goals, whether that is to increase your self-esteem, meet new people or gain the confidence to get a job.

To find out more information or to self-refer to our service, please call 01733 362990 or email

Support for someone else

We encourage self-referrals wherever possible but we understand people may need a helping hand. We will therefore accept referrals from professionals such as GPs and Care Co-ordinators.

Please note: we will then contact the person concerned to confirm that they wish to be referred to us and to offer an assessment interview.

Click here to download our referral form.

Please send your completed referral form to: